Current Projects


Melissa Doyle has been working on some incredible projects and has some exciting things in the pipeline. Below is a showcase of Mel's current work.


Growing older can be daunting. And for many women in particular, it can be downright terrifying. 

Melissa Doyle (Sunrise, Sunday Night) recently turned 50 and found herself wanting some guidance on how to approach life’s second act. So she connects with women from different cultures to learn about how growing older can mean forging deeper connections (New Zealand), getting more power (Ghana), more opportunities (Finland) and sometimes more plastic surgery (South Korea). They discuss everything from menopause to sex, political representation to financial security. They find out how to Age Against the Machine.


For Women, Ageing with Purpose & Meaning

A space where women can share and learn – everything from menopause and health, or managing our relationships and parents, ageing parents, to our skincare and nutrition – and everything in between.


Founded by Melissa Doyle + Naima Brown. Elli’s guest contributors are women over forty from all walks of life, from all over the globe. Elli is here to help us stay ferociously, unrelentingly, unapologetically visible.