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Mel's first book was published in 2007 - The Working Mothers Survival Guide is the definitive handbook for any woman juggling family and career. The book covers a range of topics from pre-planning to negotiating maternity leave, childcare options, the law and budgeting. It contains a great many references and resources to help you even further and plenty of anecdotes along the way. As the book says its "for all us mums out there, in paid or unpaid work, juggling a family and trying to smile through it all."


In April 2014, Mel released her second book called Alphabet Soup. In this memoir Mel has collected together some of her favourite memories and anecdotes from the last ten years. Covering everything from her relationship with Kochie, to red carpet exclusives, from baking birthday cakes to doing the school run, this is a delicious slice of Mel's life.